KOBO, Tokyo

27 Jul 2015 - 8 Augl 2015

Sea of Noctiluca Light

On a moonless night, the waves are heavy and quiet, undulating slowly while the reflection of light from the fishing vessels offshore flicker across the water. In contrast to the lethargic clamoring of daytime, the evening sea is tight with tension and it is difficult to quietly approach this proud body of pitch black water. I approach, not knowing whether I will be rejected or accepted. The lukewarm sea water clings to my body. In a flash, I sense that the ocean could be one big creature and the fear that it may swallow me whole stiffens my body.

With trepidation, I wade through quietly, moving my arms through the water and see countless sea sparkles. Time stops and I cannot speak. Silently, I float my legs up and begin to swim and see the bioluminescence ripple outward. I cup the water and watch the light sparkle in my hand. It is as if I were tossed somewhere in the universe amidst a sea of stars. I wonder if this is the Milky Way or perhaps even heaven.

Immense gratitude for being born wells up inside me and I cannot help but feel the sheer miracle of being alive at that moment.

Miracles are everywhere; being alive itself is a miracle.

Three decades have gone by since I started creating artwork but it is only recently that I have finally started creating spontaneously. Quite a while ago, I attached philosophical reasoning to why I was creating, but now, there is no such reasoning. I have stopped thinking.

The call of birds and cicadas echoing through the crisp morning air, an egret nestled in a rice paddy, the sound of wind tapping the window, a rain shower—the world is incredibly beautiful and just seeing the beauty cleanses the soul.

I have no interest in words or theory. I simply just want to create beautiful things.

Aug 2015 Katayama Takatoshi

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